SimplyJKD born with the purpose to make known for those interested in martial arts, generally, and in Jeet Kune Do, particularly, the original Art as it was reproduced by Ted Wong during his teaching years.

We were fortunate to train and to share experiences with him. We feel very zealous and committed to this art and we would like to pass that knowledge on so it does not dilute the name of Jeet Kune Do in these so many misuses and abuses against the art that takes place over and over again on the Web.

We have trained with Allen Joe, Jesse Glover, Richard Bustillo, Tommy Carruthers, Chris Kent, Tim Tackett, Joaquín Marcelo, Jari Nyman, Mike Gittleson, Rodney Hitchcock, Javier Arrieta, Ramón Rubia and of course, Ted Wong.

masters of martial arts

In contrast to what many expose to show “their way”, Jeet Kune Do has its own base and way of doing things. It is an art based on fencing, boxing (old English school) and wing chun as its historical core with almost no influence.

Because of all this, our aim is to show you what we’ve learned and what we’re still practicing to keep that spirit alive.