Talking about Ted Wong means talk about personified Jeet Kune Do. He has been our source of inspiration and almost everything along our way in this world of JKD.

Ted Wong was the one who received more private lessons from Bruce Lee than anyone, as well as being the one Bruce tried all his experiments with.

Ted Wong y Bruce Lee

After the death of Bruce Lee, Ted Wong kept investigating and practicing in shadow the legacy left to him. Few years after, he realized that what was being sold as Jeet Kune Do was just like wine diluted in water, impure. We are very fortunate about this because it was right then when he decided to get out of shadow and start teaching what he had learnt from Bruce Lee, breaking the mold. Due to this, many felt afraid about their economic future based on selling their false version of JKD.

Ted Wong Picture

We had the honor and the luck of having the chance to train with him few times in both public and private ways.
We will always remember him as a close, humble, honest person… and just by squinting a little you could see the little dragon in him.

Here you have two interesting interviews about his figure and personality (in spanish):

1) First part of the interview in Tenerife (Spain) and published in April 2005 in the Martial Arts magazine “El Budoka”: : see interview

2) Second part of the interview published in May 2005 in “El Budoka”: see interview